This is my blog entitled “Opening Day Memories.”

The legal portion of the blog more often than not will involve litigation and/or health care issues, as those are the primary emphases of my practice. However, my intent is to make it as interesting as possible to non-lawyer as well as lawyer readers by keeping it basic and practical as opposed to “legal” and technical. I also will have frequent guest bloggers which will be my firm colleagues.

For those of you who may not find the legal portion of the blog interesting (legal blogs sometimes lack that characteristic), this blog will be unique in that it will also include baseball which many of you know is my passion. But not just generic baseball–detailed recollections from former and current players about their most memorable Opening Day experiences.

My favorite day of the year is Opening Day when each player and team starts fresh, equal and full of hope. Some years ago, a close friend and I began working on what we hoped was to be a book about Opening Day (a good many of you know this already). Toward that end, we interviewed over 1300 players about their most memorable Opening Days. We received some responses by letter, although the majority are on tape which we transcribed. For a variety of reasons, the book has not happened.. But the stories are great, and this seems like a good way to publish them.

For those of you who think you may or will not find the baseball portion of the blog interesting, many of the memories I will include are about more than baseball. They involve family, persistence, humility, achievement, and life in general.

I hope that you give it a look each week because it is my way of keeping in touch and you actually might grow to like it. I don’t intend to make it very lengthy. I also hope you refer the link to other people that you think will be interested in either or both portions. Also, if you have any suggestions about how I can make it better, feel free to email me. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I plan to enjoy writing. Richie Decker.

Baseball illustration by Denis Gonchar